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July 17, 2017 0 comments

I Got Really Good At What Really Mattered!

No it isn’t about LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat..

No, it’s not about Video Marketing or YouTube

No it’s not about blogging, content marketing, SEO, Social Media, and other shenanigans

No it’s not about running Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Retargeting and any other fancy new marketing tactic.

All of those things have their place. And surely, all of them can contribute to your bottom line whether you are operating an online or an offline business. No doubt about that. (Provided you have a business and backend to pull it off.)

But, did you know that there are THREE times more EMAIL accounts as there are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN accounts combined?

And did you know that somebody who agrees to receive EMAIL from you is many times more likely to buy from you than somebody who follows you on social media?

According to a recent study of more than 500 million shopping experiences by Ecommerce Quarterly, such individuals are about four and a half times more likely to buy from you.

Another study showed that not only are people four and half times as likely to buy from you through an EMAIL relationship versus a social media relationship, they’re also about 14 times more likely to see your marketing message.

So do the math on that…

And you will see that an EMAIL subscriber is actually worth about 63 times more than a social media follower. Which means… Even if the people you want to sell to are heavily into social media, your primary goal should be to get those followers onto an EMAIL list.

I mean, doesn’t it make far more sense to master the marketing channel were people are most likely to buy? Duh! If you will just do that one thing…

…If you will just focus more of your time and attention on the building, feeding and care of your EMAIL list, as I’ve done, your business will improve by an order of magnitude. All of the sexy social media stuff can wait.


It allows you to sell far more with far less.

It frees you from the endless frazzle and frustration that comes from trying to master too many marketing mediums at once.

And it finally gets you off the hamster wheel of expensive and ineffective marketing that inevitably leads to failure. Because it’s true…

8 in 10 New Businesses Really Do FAIL within 18 months!

And the obsession with bright new shiny marketing objects is one of the biggest reasons why. I’ve spent far too much time and money making videos over the years… blown hundreds of thousands on Google Adwords and Facebook… wasted my time with RSS and SEO related gimmicks… only to repeatedly rediscover the superior selling power of the red-headed step child of online marketing — EMAIL.

So, if you are reading this. Get yourself a copy of Local Extractor, find targeted list of email prospects which are hyper targeted to your decided marketplace.

Start running strategic email marketing outreach campaigns so that you can make your awareness in your target market. And make them land on your website or your marketing funnels where they are nurtured with respect, empathy, a very friendly relationship and a lot of value given to them for being a subscriber to your EMAIL list.

You will exceed your bottomline profits from any other medium. Because firstly, using Local Extractor. You can target anyone and everyone in your marketplace. Become the leading brand within no time. Because everyone in your industry starts recognising you. Allows you to grow more clients, and generate more profits. And helps you make your products & services get on the rocket fuelled with lots of acceleration to sky rocket your income, revenue and profits in your bank account.

I can’t speak more. If you are readying this. You are smart enough to take a wise decision.


GET 100% FREE DEMO of Local Extractor Today!

+ LOCAL MARKETING GUIDE + FREE VIDEO TRAINING on How To Make Massive Profits Using This Tool

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