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The following are the Terms and Conditions of Local Extractor a product by M5 Consulting Group.

M5 Consulting – Local Extractor (“Product” – [Website Name: “, Domain or Website Name] (We, Us, Our, Company) with office at New Delhi, India.

M5 Consulting, the product and the website – are owned and operated by M5 Consulting (Product Owner), New Delhi, India.

We have designed, developed, built and deployed a product [Local Extractor – Lead Generation & Marketing Solution [Product] and made it available on the Internet Server for commercial sale to potential customers [Users, Companies].

You acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer on this website and you AGREE to them. If you do not agree, please feel free to contact us with your feedback on [email protected]

Product Functions

Local Extractor is softrware designed, developed and deployed to meet the requirements of B2B & B2C Business Data and Marketing Solutions for various companies.

The following are the modules of the software:

List Extractor
Keyword Researcher
Market Researcher
SMS Sender
Email Sender
Annual Subscription Fee

All the modules or a few selected modules, as per the requirements of the company, will be provided to the companies for their internal usage and meet their requirements for an annual subscription fee. The subscription fee will be charged annually, wherein the first year fee will have to be paid to the Product Owner by the Company.

The companies after purchasing a copy of the product will be able to login their account and use the modules allocated for their internal use.

User Limitations

The product when deployed on subscription basis to the company will be done based on the number of users accessing the product internally in the company and the Modules assigned. If a company purchases a copy of the product for say, 50 users, the company will be able to use the product only for 50 users and a set subscription fee amount will be charged to the company annually. In the event the company decides to increase the number of users, they may require paying additionally for the added users.

Terms of Subscription Fee

All terms and conditions of the product annual subscription fee, increase or decrease in the number of users, subscription fee for the subsequent years will be mutually decided by the Product Owner and the Company and a bilateral contract will be signed between them.

Refund Policy

We ensure you completely understand the product, Local Extractor, the modules, features, benefits, advantages, and value it offers. We sign a mutual agreement, after you are completely satisfied with the demo of all the modules and features of the product. This leads to successful creation of user credentials, and deployment of the product for your company use, thereby you are ready to use the product with all the features and modules as assigned.

Still, if you, at any given point of time, within 28 days of the deployment of the product, feel that the product is not meeting your requirements, you can seek refund of the payment made for the purchase of the product.

We will refund the payment after due deductions of the taxes, as applicable. And the mutual agreement will be terminated along with the deletion of the user access for your company. You will also have to return the user manuals and other documentation provided with the product.

Online Purchase of Product

We will also offer the product sale online, wherein you the companies can easily login, go to the shopping cart, make the payment online through a secure payment mode and buy the product. We will immediate send you the requisite email with the product information and welcome you. You can buy the product by paying through the credit card, debit card or through Paytm. We will never store or save any of the card details in our system.


Local Extractor is a software hosted on a safe, secure Amazon Cloud Server, and we also take enormous care to ensure that the software and the data is available 24/7, but we cannot guarantee the availability of the product on the web due to reasons beyond our control in terms of virus, malware or any other malfunction.

We do carry out maintenance of the website periodically, usually during non-working hours, and during such time, the website will be down for a short time. We inform all the users of the product as and when that happens.

Copyrights & Trade Marks

All content on the website, including but not limited to the logo, text content, images and videos are the exclusive property of (M5 Consulting) Local Extractor and the product owner.


Though the users, companies are provided with a data back up support on another server, Local Extractor, the product or M5 Consulting, the product owner do not take any responsibility for the loss of data, information when the product is used by any company, user or the client of Local Extractor. The company hereby agrees to indemnify the product owners, M5 Consulting, partners, stake holder, and employees from all legal aspects.

Warranty and or Liability

The information in terms of content, images, graphics, infographics, videos are provided on this website only for the promotion and marketing of the product. There may be external links on the website leading you to some social media accounts. We make no WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED as to the maintenance of those websites or this information on the website. All the information provided on the website is on ‘As IS’, ‘WHERE IS’ basis only. We do not guarantee that this website, servers, or email sent from this website are free from viruses or any other harmful material. We are not liable for any compensation or damages arising out of the usage of this website, or any information on the website including direct, indirect, punitive, consequential compensation or damages.


All disputes, disagreements will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of India, and the courts of India will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with the product – (M5 Consulting)-LocalExtractor.



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