Privacy Policy


The privacy of the data of the users or companies using our product is extremely important to us. The privacy statement of our product outlines how the data of the companies is managed using our product.

Information Collection

Our website through the enquiry form collects the users’ data such as Name, telephone number and email ids of the users, who enter such information voluntarily on the website. Such information is used to contact and communicate with them for the purpose of marketing of our product and marketing Local Extractor Solutions other products in future.

We DO NOT sell or share any information of the users to anybody, anywhere.

Users, Companies Data

The users or the companies who purchase our product for the purpose of their HR management will be using and accessing the product through a secure user name and password, and as such, the entire data or its management is done after login of the account. Therefore, we, the owners, management, partners, stake holders or the employees DO NOT have access to such information.

When a company purchases the product copy after paying the annual subscription fee, we send an automated email to the company with the login credentials.

Third Party External Websites

The Local Extractor website may contain links to other website that we do not have control over. When you click on any such links on our website, you are no way connected with our website. You will be responsible for all the activity that you may carry out on those websites. As such we are not responsible for the privacy policy for such websites.

Besides, we may also post information of our customers (companies) in the testimonial columns of the website. This information may include the name of the company, representative name and a photograph of the person. We seek the permission of such companies; verify/take their approval on the content being posted before actually posting such information. In the event any company wishes such information to be removed from our website, you may please send an email with such request to [email protected]

Web Application Security

We have designed, developed the product using high end technology and deployed it on the cloud server which maintains very high quality state of the art technology to protect the web application from any internal or external cyber-attacks. Though all systems and procedure have been put in terms place to protect the web application and users data on the server safe and secure, still, we cannot guarantee that the web application will be safe from any attacks.



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