JustDial Lead Extractor – Why Our’s Is Better

Why go with just JustDial? Now, get database from 15+ different sources!


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July 17, 2016 0 comments

We get a lot of queries from people who are looking for JustDial Data Extractor Software. And most of these companies are looking to generate leads for doing their marketing (Even though we had market research & consulting firms also!)

When people come to know that our solution is not just limited to one single source like JustDial. They are not able to understand how our product works.

But, just to give you that clarity. Let us tell you the difference between JustDial Lead Extractor vs Local Extractor.

  • Local Extractor provides you with a common web repository which encapsulates database from more then 15+ different data sources including JustDial, IndiaMart, Sulekha, TradeIndia and many such sources.
  • JustDial Extractor on the other hand is just limited to that – JustDial. Duh!

Our software doesn’t rely on the data source directly. Because we have built a web based server repository so that you can be secure that the software will keep on working no matter when you operate it.

You can be secure & having a hassle free user experience without taking the worry & tension that what if JustDial or any of our sources change their website structure, or make any major changes on their website.

Also, additionally with Local Extractor…you get so much more!

Like, for example:

  • Automatic Database Backup – With Local Extractor whenever your internet goes down. The software pauses automatically. And once, you are connected with the internet once again. You can resume from the last step. Without any hiccups or the need to restart the software. Your database searched in our repository is always saved as a backup in our lead generation tool. 🙂
  • Automatic Data Recovery – Let’s imagine you started using Local Extractor and your PC or Laptop shuts down due to shortage of power source. And it’s off. Now, when you restart your computer, the Windows will restart and then the software is closed. Right?

    Well, in Local Extractor whenever you re-open the software it prompts you to recover the previous database that was being searched by the software. Helping you resume from the same last step where the software was operating on. And it’s a breeze to continue from your last search without any hiccups.

  • Verified Email IDs using Email Validation Inbuilt feature – All the email addresses are all verified using a 6 step filteration process which verifies automatically if the email is accurate, and valid or not. If it’s not. You will see a red tick mark next to that email ID. And all the email IDs that are verified can be imported separately using our import list feature.
  • More Details then ever before – Local Extractor gives you Business Name, their address, area, PIN code, city, their landline & mobile number separately uniquely. Along with their email address and website URL. You also get the list of category while exporting the database so you segment it different based on multiple categories when you do a mass search using our software.

Many more additional features in coming future…

We are always adding more features and functionalities into our tool. Like recently we launched SMS & Email Sender which allows you to send SMS & Email Marketing campaigns right within our software.

Now, can you compare JustDial Data & Lead Extractor vs Local Extractor – Nope, not at all 😉


GET 100% FREE DEMO of Local Extractor Today!

+ LOCAL MARKETING GUIDE + FREE VIDEO TRAINING on How To Make Massive Profits Using This Tool

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