local extractor is not just another data extraction & scraping tool company


Real glad you’re here. Smart move.

After “stress testing” and honing Local Extractor since 2015 in stealth (exposing it only to a few close friends), I finally released BETA version to the public in July 2015.

(Damn, that seems like a lifetime ago in internet years. I’m a dinosaur.)

In creating the 2nd Edition we went through over 400+ feedback results. What you’re about to use is the end result of that.

I’ve almost completely rewritten the whole software from scratch. So that the core functionalities and features are articulated more succinctly, but much easier to use. Without any hiccups, errors, and bugs that you find in any other similar tools you might find being paddled by so called “software developers”.

We feel this is our easiest version to take advantage of this powerful software. And even more powerful to use with the benefits that directly impacts your bottomline. i.e. Marketing Automation 🙂

Thanks for putting your trust in what I have to share. I appreciate your business. And in return, I will overdeliver, or die trying.

This software is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD. No doubt about it. It will give you new perspective and insight.

… and a buck gets ten, it’ll be some of the best software you’ve ever been exposed to in terms of any lead generation, data extraction and marketing automation tool. Ever. That’s not my own empty claims, either. That’s what others who have been exposed to Local Extractor are saying.

I hope Local Extractor will change the way you do business and the way you treat and approach communicating with your audience, your tribe, your prospects, and clients.

I’m not kidding…

In a nutshell, Local Extractor will help you 100s of hours of hand to hand lead extraction process, to connect, persuade and influence the key contacts in your target industry using SMS, WhatsApp, Email and heck, even Tele marketing if that’s what your marketing process is. It’s very powerful.

Enjoy the ride when Local Extractor works automatically on your PC or a Mac computer. Yep, it’s cross compatible. Both on Windows and Mac. We even made a Linux version but then, we decided to take that out of the market due to less demand for Linux users.

Now before you start using Local Extractor I have a question for you…

What’s the #1 priority in business today?

Think about the answer. I doubt you’ll even get close. But give it a shot anyway.

Let me tell you.

The #1 priority in your business should be to generate more clients, increase the transaction size of each of your clients, and increase the number of times they do business with you.


Imagine a business with no clients. Do you think it will be successful?

Local Extractor helps you challenge this big question.

By providing you a powerful tool that helps you reach your market with the most powerful business data available today at your disposal with highly verified & quantified business leads specifically in your business category. There name, phone numbers and their official email ID on which they are looking for clients to reach them on. Heck, you even get to know their website incase they have any.

With Local Extractor. Not only will you be able to get this highly valuable lead information.But, it will allow you to directly reach your prospects, customers and clients using hybrid of SMS & email marketing functionality, unlike, any of our competitors. All with few click of a button.

But, also it will allow you to directly reach your prospects, customers and clients using hybrid of SMS & email marketing functionality, unlike, any of our competitors.

All with few click of a button.

In the process of doing that, you build a long term relationship with that audience, your crowd, your tribe.

Local Extractor presumes the attitude that you look at everybody who you want to do business with, and decide you’re not going to wait for money to change hands before you start contributing, guiding, counseling, advising and protecting them.

(Read this paragraph again. Let it sink in.)

This is where it all starts and ends.

I suggest this becomes the all-encompassing “mindset” that should guide all your marketing efforts.

It’s a philosophy I learned from Jay Abraham many years ago.

Jay calls this the Strategy of Preeminence. Jay says:

“… you become the fiduciary to your tribe, even (and especially) before money has changed hands.”

… and that’s the mindset I suggest you need to adopt.

fi·du·ci·ar·y — Involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary.

Since 2015 this philosophy has become the cornerstone of EVERYTHING I do in business and how we developed the entire Local Extractor software.

As a result of practicing the Strategy of Preeminence, I have a tribe of followers that will buy my stuff over and over again. Because I have already earned their attention and trust.

It creates long term (awesome) customers.

And this, my friend, is where the REAL MONEY is…

People are inherently good — and if you treat them with respect and empathy — you will always win in the long run (you are in business for the long run, right?).

Everything you do in your business should be, first and foremost, IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CUSTOMERS.

So, if you don’t already, I suggest that you make the decision to embrace this philosophy as you’re embracing the Local Extractor philosophy.

BTW (before I forget) there is also a super-ninja advanced strategy I’ll reveal to you later in our upcoming emails I sent out to all our new clients & customers. (HINT: Join our newsletter list!)

I had second thoughts of even including it. It’s part of this software purchase, a bit later. (Once, you become our client.)

Now let’s talk about the BIG PICTURE for Local Extractor.

Understanding the BIG PICTURE

Now, let’s get going.

Using Local Extractor you can start finding hot, hungry, full of demand, craving for your business – list of highly qualified prospects, customers & clients.

And once, you have ’em.

You can start using our inbuilt SMS & Email marketing solution. That allows you to market to these leads using the call to action & direct response-oriented marketing campaigns.

We had so many people using this very same strategy to get 100s of clients in any nature of business selling varied products & services in their market.

Once, you come onboard. We have an on-going, detailed, step by step, easy to follow, free VIP training in our member’s area.

In this member’s area. I will teach you personally, with examples. How you can run effective, response generating, profit making – SMS & Email marketing campaigns and more. Which help you generate more income, more revenue and more profits into your business.

I call this system:


In this system, we talk about 9 ways you can market your business to sell any of product or a service:
1. Telemarketing
2. One-to-one Meeting
3. SMS Marketing
4. Email Marketing
5. WhatsApp Marketing
6. Facebook Marketing (Custom Audience Targeting)
7. Direct Mail Marketing
8. Automated Voice-broadcasting
9. Setting up your inbound call center
10. Setting up your mobile responsive website & sales generating landing pages

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell.

We had clients from 30+ different industries. Mostly service professionals selling all kinds of services.

Such as –

  • Website Designing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Bulk SMS & Email Marketing
  • Business Consulting
  • Software & other SAAS products
  • Payment Gateways
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Mobile Apps & other development services
  • and many more…

Heck, even offline businesses such as:

  • Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters
  • People who do B2B selling of their products & services

Heck, I even had medical professionals selling their medicines to doctors, hospitals, and their related industry. Medical equipment distributors selling to diagnotic labs & centers, etc. etc.

I had clients from so many different industries. Who after going through this business training understood the basics of direct marketing. And then, took off in their own industry.

Just imagine how powerful your life can be when you have a software that allows you to reach 100s & 1000s of RIGHT prospects, in YOUR market. And reach out to them without making a single cold call, one to one meeting requests, going door to door to pitch your products & services?

That’s what I wanted when I started to build this product. And when I realized. I had this power which changed my life. Heck, it can change many more lives.

In short, when you become our client. I and my team will take care of you. Making sure you use this software to its full potential.

Or else we die trying.


The choice is yours to make.

Do you want to get 1000s of clients in your industry. And deliver them your hyper targeted, business generating, profit making SMS marketing & email campaigns, which in return gets you paying clients which brings more revenue, income and growth for your business?

We don’t do hard sales. We’d rather just present you with the facts. So, let’s chat…
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