9 Ways Any Local Business Online Generate Multiple Times More Profit in 2017

Local Extractor's 9 Marketing Pillars To Multiply Your Business in 2017


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May 3, 2017 0 comments

Here are Local Extractor, we love making more income, more revenue, more profits for our clients.

That’s because using our tool not only are small business able to utilize it to scale their business but also bigger companies are able to utilize to reach to new markets that were unimaginable to them.

You know why, that’s really happening? It’s because of the release of our new module into the Local Extractor software – Market Researcher.

So, we surveyed our clients whether small or big companies, whether service or product providers. What’s the marketing channels they use after they have found highly qualified leads using Local Extractor.

Here’s the answers we got from our clients who are creatively using these marketing channels to grow their businesses in Indian market:

  1. Telemarketing / Cold Calling Prospects:

    Most of the users of Local Extractor are using the tool to find leads that they can start running their tele marketing campaigns. Imagine, if you have the right prospects, who already have resonance for your product or service. Is it not useful? Is it not more effective means of communication, when you can start dialing numbers, and start building mutually beneficial relationship with your clients?

  2. One to One Meeting Generation:

    Once, you get in touch with your clients your sales team, and business development team can reach out to your clients for one to one meetings either in their office or your office. This not only helps build good rapport with your prospects and clients. But, also helps you close sales by 3 times faster. Because after a personal meeting with clients, stats show that you are likely to do business with them even more.

  3. Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns:

    Many of our clients are already creating a larger impact in their marketplace by targeting marketing campaigns specifically to target industry wise database for marketing their products or services. And are able to send messages which speaks the language of their target market.This not only gets them multiple times higher response rates but because of the personalized copy of their market place it also allows them to make visitors come to their websites, or calling their phone number or sending them a WhatsApp message. This has lead to massive profits for our clients upto 100x the cost of our solution!We have got so many businesses who utilized Local Extractor doing this kind of a marketing!

    (P.S. Yes, SMS Marketing is NOT DEAD!)

  4. Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns:

    Now, imagine if you has very specific email IDs of the marketplace, all verified using a systematic process so that you can only & ONLY reach out to people’s email ID which are ACTIVE and also RESPONSIVE this leads to you having VERY HIGHLY personalized copies of the email to bring engagement, responses, and generative massive profits by getting the ability to reach out ANY MARKET & BUSINESS category in INDIA.

  5. Mass WhatsApp Marketing:

    With the invent of WhatsApp as a marketing channel, their are many WhatsApp Marketing Service providers available in the market who are providing bulk WhatsApp marketing service and also WhatsApp marketing software, and WhatsApp marketing panel which can then be utilized to send out 1000s of WhatsApp marketing messages.Not only does Local Extractor provides you all kinds of database from any industry and any city across all parts of India. But, this also allows you to reach to 1000s of WhatsApp active mobile numbers that you get from Local Extractor in India.

    You can then start using WhatsApp Bulk Sender types of services and start sending messages. But, you can also start receiving incoming leads which can then be generated as income, more clients and more revenue in your company’s bank account. But, also helps you connect with more people using very HIGHLY responsive medium which is seen by all the people in your target market AT THE SAME TIME.

  6. Facebook Marketing Ads:

    Using Local Extractor you start finding mobile numbers of real businesses in any market place. And start running custom audience ads on Facebook which allows you to create specialised buckets of specific market targeted industries.Let’s say for example you find out all the fashion designers across India in a target marketplace. What if you could now target these people specifically promoting your products or services?This allows you to run ads and sell to people virtually to 1000s upon 10000s people in one go using Facebook Marketing Ads and using Facebook Ads Custom Audience feature.

  7. Automated Voice broadcasting:

    Using Local Extractor since you have phone numbers specific to your target marketplace. You can start utilizing Voicebroadcasting messages to run promotions and outreach marketing campaigns.We hope you remember the Arvind Kejriwal and other similar voicebroadcasting campaigns in elections? If they can you can too, and it costs around 10-30 paise per call which makes it very economical for any B2B and B2C business.Since, Indian market is not utilizing this powerful medium much as of now, you truly have the potential chance to use this kind of marketing style into your market and become a dominant player in your marketplace.

  8. Direct Mail Marketing:

    Since, using Local Extractor you also get business information with their business name, their address, area, pin code, and city information. You can start utilizing these details to start running direct response campaigns using Flyers, Brochures, and marketing similar and interactive marketing material to run direct response campaigns.Once, you send out your proposal to these types of business specifically in your target market. You start making amazing positioning and start generating massive number of clients! So, many big to small brands in India are utilising these kinds of direct marketing approach to reactivate their name in the market as the leader & a huge brand in their marketplace.

  9. Inbound Call Management Systems:

    MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides solutions such as IVR, virtual number, toll-free number, cloud EPABX, automatic call distribution, call tracking & recording, reports etc. for business. Using MyOperator, Distribute calls among your team members with Automatic Call Distribution ensuring business scalability involving no set-up or hardware cost.And using it’s Toll Free numbers you can get your business a brand number. Give your customers a reason to connect with you for superior customer service for free.

    And it also features call recording feature which allows you to record all the business calls received or answered. Use the recordings to improve the quality of your service.



Local Extractor allows you to find out business leads from any marketing from 15+ data sources.

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